What can a chiropractor do for my low back pain?

Sponsored By: Advanced Chiropractic Center

Sponsored by: Advanced Chiropractic Center

All lower back pain is not the same. Lower back pain can range from dull aches in the lower back to acute pain that makes body movement extremely difficult. Some people mask the pain with pain relievers that can harmful side effects when being used long-term. Some people fear that the only relief is from surgery until they make their first chiropractic visit.

First, when a patient says they have been suffering with low back pain, the chiropractor will determine what type of pain, what is causing it. The chiropractor’s exam will reveal the source of the pain that can range from temporary muscle strain and inflammation to more severe issues with the spine. Some people can avoid major surgery with chiropractic care with treatment that includes realignment of the spine, and allows the body to heal itself.

Every patient is different. Chiropractors understand that even people with the same diagnosis respond very differently to treatments. Each patient has a specific action plan to meet the patient’s goals and unique medical and physical condition.

New treatments and methods that are evolving all the time for lower back pain. These new technologies are helping people with their conditions get back to doing the things they want to do, without lower back pain!

X-ray evidence of joint damage is one of the factors used to determine the need for joint replacement surgery. Your pain and other symptoms are the most important things to keep in mind when deciding. This is mostly a quality-of-life decision.

Dr. Ken Jordan,
Advanced Chiropractic Center Total Body Wellness