What You Need to Know About Modern Hearing Aids

Sponsored By: Coastal Hearing Center

Sponsored by: Coastal Hearing Center

Hearings aids get a bad reputation for being bulky, unsightly and difficult to use. Thanks to new technology, many of these problems have been solved in modern hearing aids.

“Rechargeable hearing aids have made getting your hearing back easier and more convenient than ever, says Rick Steighner, audiologist at Coastal Hearing Center.

Here are 4 things you need to know about this new hearing aid technology:

1. Rechargeable hearing aids are easier to use

Previously, hearing aids utilized mercury batteries or disposable zinc-air batteries, which were either not powerful enough or had to be replaced frequently by users.

Rechargeable batteries, are the other hand, allow users to simply plug hearing aids into an outlet to charge, just like a smartphone. "For adults who remain active, as well as for children, this is the ideal alternative," says Steighner. "You can charge your hearing aids at school or at work and not worry about having to buy replacement batteries."

2. They’re more affordable in the long run

With older hearing aid models, users had to constantly replace dead batteries with fresh ones – a price that adds up over time. New rechargeable models cut out this cost, saving you time and money in the long-term. Plus, there are a wide variety of hearing aids on the market today at price points for every budget.

3. They’re safer than previous hearing aid batteries

Mercury hearing aid batteries posed major potential risks to both the environment and to users, especially if accidentally ingested. Disposable zinc-air batteries were also harmful to the environment because they have a centuries long half-life, causing them to pile up in landfills without decomposing.

4. Modern hearing aids have cool new features

Many rechargeable hearing aid models are compatible with the latest technology, like Bluetooth and smart TVs, making it easy to take a phone call, watch your favorite show or listen to music.

Technological advancements have also made modern hearing aids less visible, more comfortable and easier to use, making them perfect for your life on the go.

To find the right hearing aids for you, consult a local hearing specialist like the experts at Coastal Hearing Center in Pawley’s Island, SC.

For over 30 years, audiologist Rick Steighner of has been improving patients’ quality of life by restoring their hearing. His team at Coastal Hearing Center is committed to providing high-quality, friendly service and the best range of hearing aids on the market. The practice is currently offering rechargeable aids by Phonak, with other options on the horizon.

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