9 Reasons Your Neighborhood Needs a Travel Club

Sponsored By: Cruise Planners

Next time you’re at the community pool or just strolling around the community, look around at your neighbors. Do you think any of them might like to travel as much as you do?

Suppose you could gather a group of neighbors to travel together, save significant amounts of money, and enjoy a host of benefits. You can, by creating a travel club.

“Travel clubs make group travel easy, affordable and immensely enjoyable,” says Michael Graham of the Myrtle Beach-based Cruise Planners, a travel expert company. Cruise Planners leads travel clubs on unforgettable trips all over the world.

Here are a few benefits of organizing a travel club in your neighborhood:

1. Travel with the people who live around you. Why travel with strangers when you can share lasting memories with the people who live next door? You will return bonded with your neighbors over a cherished experience.

2. Slash the costs while increasing the fun. Strength in numbers gives you bargaining power, which companies like Cruise Planners can use to trim costs and upgrade amenities. Additionally, Cruise Planners offers travel clubs unique travel opportunities and exclusive access to insider deals.

3. Leave the planning to a travel expert. Don’t spend four weeks planning a one-week trip when you can let experts do it better – and faster. All you and your group members have to do is enjoy the excursion. 

4. Ongoing presentations from industry leaders. What should be your next trip, the Swiss Alps or a Caribbean cruise? A trip to Alaska or an African safari? How do you choose? Travel clubs have access to in-person presentations from people who can help you determine the pros and cons of any choice and offer you insider travel tips.

5. Club leaders can earn upgrades and even free trips for their club. Being the leader of the club can bring added benefits as your travel planning company passes on the perks provided by vendors. 

6. Benefit from the wisdom of the crowd. Organizing a travel club opens you to other people’s ideas, perspectives and experiences when it comes to travel. And isn’t that one of the purposes of travel in the first place?

7. Rock those exclusive travel benefits. Travel clubs enjoy added perks like concierge service and group travel insurance rates that aren’t available to those traveling on their own or in small numbers.

8. Share the experience. Instead of traveling alone, share the experience. With a travel club, group accommodations and coordination of activities reduce headaches and increase safety. Best of all, you have friends with you anytime you want.

9. Enjoy the flexibility. Just because you travel with a group doesn’t mean you all have to do the same things. Travel clubs can plan free time, or split up into groups depending on your interests. That way, each member can have the journey of his or her dreams.

Cruise Planners in Myrtle Beach is an award-winning travel innovator that has helped thousands of people take the trip of a lifetime – and then return for another. Their travel experts can help you arrange a thrilling excursion anywhere in the world, from Antarctica to the Panama Canal.

If you would like more information on how to start a club, contact Tom Mugno, our director of travel clubs, by sending him an email or calling 843-732-2582, ext. 4.