Law Firm Building Local Relationships for 33 Years

Sponsored By: Law Offices of N. David DuRant

When you hire a lawyer, you want someone who knows the law, the people in the community and the community itself. The Law Offices of N. David DuRant & Associates have grown with the area over the 33 years they have been helping clients with a wide range of legal services.

We asked Woody DuRant, the son of the founder and an attorney in the firm, about how they help their clients.

Q. Tell us about the firm and what sets you apart.

A. We’re a family-owned, general practice firm that has been building relationships with people in the South Strand since 1984. We offer a wide range of legal services – personal injury, family practice, criminal defense, probate, real estate, wills and trust and litigation. But at the end of the day, we are in the people business. Our ultimate goal is to help our clients live the lives they want.

Q. What kinds of roots do you have in the community?

A. I was born and raised here, went to St. James High School (Go Sharks!), have gone to the same church for years. We’re active in the community and have built relationships with people in the area.

Q. How is that helpful to your clients?

A. Our clients get the benefit of our credibility and our connections. We’ve seen the changes in the legal profession and in our community over the years. My father was the town attorney for 20+ years and we currently represent Pawley’s Island.

Q. How is it beneficial to clients that you’re a family practice?

A.When you walk in our door, you’re a person, not a case. We’re not a big law factory, where management is demanding the attorneys make their quota for the week. When you work with any one of us, all three attorneys are going to consider you our client. You will get the benefit of the whole team working on your case.

Q. You do a lot of personal injury work. How are you different from the people we see on TV yelling about lottery winnings?

A. Oh boy. People see those TV commercials promising big payoffs, but ultimately those firms don’t really care about clients individually. It’s all about output.

We care about our clients and the outcome of their case, not just the number but whether they get the medical treatment they need. Ultimately, it’s not about the money but about whether our client can return to their life as it was prior to the incident that caused them harm.

Q. As stalwarts of the community, do you have a lot of repeat clients?

A. Many families have been returning to us for decades and have referred their friends to us. We might have first written a will or trust for them, then represented them in a real estate transaction. Maybe a member of the family got a DUI and we helped them navigate that. Our clients have rewarded our hard work on their behalf with loyalty as customers and we deeply appreciate that.

Q. What can a client of N. David DuRant & Associates expect when they walk into your offices?

A. You’re going to feel comfortable right from the start. We’re not a stuffy firm with old law books lining the shelves; we’re caring people who will put you at ease. Once you tell us about your problem we like to make sure you leave with peace of mind that we’re going to handle it for you.