“If Only”…Fear of the Unknown

“If only we had called you sooner. You are such wonderful people who have helped our family so much.” During Tidelands Community Hospice thirty plus years of providing hospice care, to over 6,000 patients and families, that is the statement we hear again and again from a patient or family member, usually quietly and with tears.

Unfortunately, there are still many who are still unaware of or have misconceptions about hospice care. Combine that with hearing “there is nothing more that can be done” is what will often lead one to a place of fear. “Almost all fear is fear of the unknown. Therefore, what’s the remedy? To become acquainted with the things you fear.” Peace Pilgrim
To remove those fears and lead one from a place of fear to a place of hope, let’s get acquainted with Tidelands Community Hospice, our history, our present and hospice care and services we provide.

1) Who is Tidelands Community Hospice? Our History…

Tidelands Community Hospice is your community’s locally based and governed not-for-profit hospice. It began as an idea and a desire to help those in the community who were terminally ill. In 1981, the women of Prince George Winyah Episcopal Church decided to devote money raised from their bake sale to efforts to establish a hospice. Thanks to their grassroots efforts along with others in the community and the medical profession, in March 1985, licensure as one of the first not-for-profit hospices in South Carolina was granted to the then Hospice of Georgetown with its first patient admitted in April 1985.
In 2006, to better reflect the communities served, Georgetown, Horry, and Williamsburg counties, the decision was made to change its name to Tidelands Community Hospice.

2) Who is Tidelands Community Hospice? Our Present…

Today, Tidelands Community Hospice remains your community’s locally based and governed not-for-profit hospice. Unlike North Carolina and other states, South Carolina does not have a Certificate of Need for hospices. Over the past years there has been an influx of hospices coming into and serving the community. Many are based either out of state or in other areas of the state and are for profit hospices. Our staff, Board and volunteers are members of the communities we serve.
Donations made to Tidelands Community Hospice remain in the community to provide care to those in your community who are in need. We provide hospice care to all, regardless of their financial status or life situation. No one is ever turned away.

3) What is Hospice care and where do I receive it?

Hospice care is a way of caring for patients with a terminal illness and focuses on comfort and quality of life, rather than a cure. The hospice care provided by Tidelands Community Hospice uses a team-oriented approach combing medical care, pain management, emotional, social and spiritual support expressly tailored to each patient’s and family’s needs and wishes. Patients are cared for where they live, be it their home, a nursing home or an assisted living facility.
Bereavement support and programs are available to all adults and children in our community, not just hospice families.

Neighbors helping neighbors brought Tidelands Community Hospice into being and helped to make it what it is today, your locally based and governed not-for-profit hospice. For additional information, please contact Barriedel Llorens, Foundation Director at (843) 520-0771 and visit our website tidelandshospice.org