4 Amazing Health Benefits of Playing Golf

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At first pass, the game of golf may seem like the least demanding of any sport. But don’t be fooled. Golfers get a true boost physically, mentally and emotionally after a few rounds on the course. Maybe that’s why nearly 25 million people picked up their golf clubs in 2014, according to the National Golf Foundation.

For many golfers, the game is an enjoyable hobby. It’s a chance to gather with some friends or network with clients and colleagues. But don’t overlook these 4 amazing benefits to regularly hitting the course and playing a few rounds of golf.

1.Golf is great stress relief.

There’s nothing quite like swinging your club at a tiny ball to work out the week’s frustrations from the office, a tough project or personal worries.

Once you step onto that pristine golf course, you can forget your troubles and simply focus on the game. And if you’re playing with a close friend, you have the opportunity to discuss what’s on your mind and talk through any issues with a trusted confidant.

2. Golf burns calories.

Get out of the golf cart and walk while you play. One study found walking while playing golf burns almost twice as many calories as riding in a golf cart. In addition to the benefit of physical exercise, golf is a low-risk sport. There’s little chance of suffering an injury compared to other sporting endeavors.

3. Golf gets you outside.

The beauty of playing golf is that it has to done outdoors. You get plenty of sunshine and Vitamin D along with fresh air and a chance to enjoy nature. This is particularly beneficial for golfers who spend the majority of their week working indoors. It’s an opportunity to take a deep breath and soak up the surrounding beauty of the golf course for a few hours. Just that little bit of time outside can do wonders for your mental and emotional wellbeing.

4. Golf keeps you mentally sharp.

The game of golf is one of strategy and skill. Each shot is a bit like a puzzle as the golfer figures out exactly how to hit the ball so it lands in the intended spot on the course or in the hole.
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