4 Reasons Why Golf is a Great Family Activity

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Between jobs and homework, after-school activities and volunteer commitments, it can be tough to carve out quality family time. The trick is finding something everyone enjoys, so everyone can be together and engaged in a fun activity.

Golf is the perfect choice for some outdoor family fun. Here are great 4 reasons to consider the sport for your next outing.

1.You have a chance to chat while you play

Many sports are so fast-paced that it’s not really possible to carry on a conversation. In golf, however, you’re walking from hole to hole across the green, giving you the chance to talk to your kids about school, friends and hobbies. Institute a “no phones allowed” policy so everyone is fully focused on the game and each other.

Plus, you can have lunch or dinner together at the golf club or a nearby restaurant – perfect if family dinners are rare in your household.

2.Golfing together inspires a little friendly competition

Playing a game together as a family is a wonderful way to teach children values like sportsmanship and how to lose gracefully.

There’s nothing wrong with some good-natured competition and instilling a winning spirit in your children. But, if they happen to lose or need to work on a particular stroke, parents can use it as an opportunity to talk about the benefits of practice and how not to be a sore loser. These life lessons are beneficial long after the golf game ends.

3.Golf is great fun for all ages

Young children, teenagers and parents all can enjoy an afternoon on the golf course. Some family members may still be honing their skills, but everyone can play and it’s an opportunity for the older children to teach the younger ones.

4.You can find a golf course anywhere

Almost every city has a golf course, so even if you’re traveling, the family can find a public golf course to play at least nine holes. And as a bonus for the parents, the kids already enjoy golf so there’s no complaining about the selected activity.

If your family is struggling to come up with a hobby everyone can enjoy, consider golf. Here in South Carolina, there are plenty of excellent golf courses, and the weather makes it possible to play almost year-round.

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