5 Warm Up Tips to Boost Your Golf Game

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Just like any other sport, golfers need to warm up before they hit the course. It may be tempting to grab your clubs and go, but taking a few minutes to work out the kinks can really help your golf game.

1. Stretch it out.

Use your golf club and work through a series of movements that will get your muscles and joints loosened up before you begin to play. These can include squats (use the club for support if needed), swinging your arms back and forth in front of your body and even arm circles, holding your arms straight out and doing small and large circles.

Other good exercises are leg swings (again, hold the club for support if needed) and side bends, placing the club on your shoulders and then bending your torso side to side. Don’t forget to stretch out your wrists as well – they get a workout with all that swinging.

2. Walk it off.

Arrive early and walk a portion of the course or make some brisk laps around the clubhouse to loosen your legs and simply get the blood flowing before you spend the day walking, swinging and squatting to line up that perfect shot.

3. Do a few drills.

Spend some time on the practice greens doing a variety of swings and using a variety of clubs. This will help you warm up your arms and shoulders. Plus, it gives you a chance to work on your timing, get a feel for the greens and get your mental game on point.

4. Practice your flexibility.

Off the course, work on static stretching and movements that will improve your flexibility. This is especially important for your shoulders. You’ll want good shoulder mobility so you can really get into your swing.

5. Get in the zone.

Don’t forget to take a moment to mentally prepare before hitting the course. This is especially important if you’re playing competitively in a tournament or simply planning for a full day of golf with friends. Take a few minutes to calm your brain, taking deep breaths and focusing your thoughts on task in front of you.

Don’t neglect your golf warm-up. Even though golfers may not see it as a necessary, research supports the benefits to your overall golf game – and what golfer doesn’t want that? So, instead of buying a new driver, maybe you just need to work on your warm-up instead.

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