6 Things to Look for in a Great Golf Course

Sponsored By: Wachesaw Plantation East Golf

Sponsored by: Wachesaw Plantation East

A few hours on the golf course can be a relaxing and enjoyable way to spend a day – but only if the golf course is great. If you’re traveling or trying out a new course, here’s what you should look for in a great golf course in South Carolina.

1. Is the course well maintained?

A beautiful, lush golf course not only makes for a smooth game of golf, but it’s also rejuvenating to be surrounded by the natural environment.

Contrary to what many people believe, golf courses provide beneficial habitats for wildlife. According to the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America, healthy turfgrass is excellence for trapping pollutants and keeping them from running into groundwater supplies.

2. Is there a restaurant?

After a few hours on the course, most golfers are eager to relax with lunch and a cold beverage. A great golf course in South Carolina will have a restaurant with a varied menu and a fully-stocked bar.

3. How’s the service?

Nothing starts your golf experience off better than being greeted by a smiling member of the golf staff upon your arrival. Great golf courses often separate themselves from the average facility by offering superior customer service. Look for friendly greetings by the golf staff, a smooth check in process and helpful employees looking to make your day on the links the best it can be.

4. Is the course varied?

A high-quality golf course should have a blend of long and short holes in different directions. This way golfers don't feel as if they are repeating the same style of hole putt after putt.

5. Is the course challenging yet fun?

Most golfers want to test their skills without getting overly frustrated. Look for a course that has a few holes that really challenge players, while blending in others that aren’t quite as tough.

6. What are your fellow golfers saying?

One way to get a sense of a service, condition and aesthetics of a course are by reading online reviews. You also can check out rankings by local and national golf magazines and websites. Courses that are consistently honored by both players and industry professionals are likely to offer a great day of golf.

For example, since the inception of the “Myrtle Beach Golf Insider” in 2009, Wachesaw Plantation East has consistently been among the Grand Strand's highest-rated golf courses. The Clyde Johnston designed golf course is a semi-private resort facility that caters to its membership and public golfers alike.

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